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Amarok 2.0 Script

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Alternative OSD through Gnome Notification Daemon

This script shows information about the currently played track as a notification using a notification daemon that implements the dbus interface (e.g. libnotify or notify-osd). It is intended to replace Amaroks own OSD, so its recommend to deactivate this via the configuration menu.

* Amarok 2.x
* notify-osd (recommend) or libnotify-bin
* imagemagick
(if you use libnotify)

Some example strings for the configuration are available on my blog:

UPDATE (1.11.09):
ubuntu karmic (9.10):

Due to some changes in notify-osd for karmic some issue evolved concerning amarok notifications:
1. The update seems to have become slower which first of all sometimes causes empty notifications.
2. Newlines in the title are prevented by design now.
3. The destruction of notifications stopped working so there is an additional standard duration without update after the duration time thats set in the NotifyAmarok configuration.
As I unfortunately dont have time for this project at the moment I most likely wont fix this in the near future. Sorry!

KDE 4.3:
KDE 4.3 now support the specifications, but unfortunately no smooth update. If you are using KDE, i recommend you to use thesalus' amaroknotify (, which provides nearly the same functionality now, but is developed for KDE.

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